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Simplicity in form, luxury in form, exquisiteness in quality

Pachan takes low-key and fashionable design as its main axis, twists graceful lines of post-modern design, intertwines bold luxury style with comfort and environmental protection, creates elegant environment for global families, hotels, villas and high-end clubs, and provides perfect furniture solutions for modern living room, restaurant and bedroom layout. Collection technology, post-modern European style, noble style, advanced production technology to produce high-grade furniture. Marble shapes modern three-dimensional sense, stainless steel presents luxury of light and shadow, simple furniture shape matches people's fur fold texture to create luxury charm, creating noble and elegant, leading fashion art, enjoying the essence of life, all in Pachan residence.
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Fusion of fashion, luxury, aesthetic personality, the interpretation of simple furniture in the form, luxury in the table, exquisite in the quality of the design style. Fashion into the bone marrow, with luxury interpretation of classic, with aesthetic increase emotion, furniture comfort maximization, luxury sustainability, quality superior

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